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Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Who is Mazzaratie Monica:

Mazzaratie Monica aka Mazzi is an adult content creator who enjoys creating adult-related content for the kinky side of the world. 

Background/ your Journey:

I started in late 2011 and by January/ February of 2012 my first adult XXX-rated scene came out. From there I kept getting calls from companies like Evil Angel, Score and Invasive Angels, to name a few. I started shooting my own content in 2013. However, I really didn't start giving it the attention it needed until 2015. From there, I stopped shooting with bigger companies to put more time and effort in to learning how to create my own content. I have my spouse (Manfury) to help me. He is my camera man, tech and does my editing. Together we make up my company, MSquare Media Group. Now we work on creating content on different platforms and I’m now getting back into shooting with companies again. I shot for Adult Time’s Shape of Beauty last year. This year that project took home an award! 

Do you have any mentors or anyone who inspires you?

I don't have one person I look up to or use as an inspiration. I am Inspired by MANY. I can remember when I was first starting out and I was researching to see how things were done. I kept going to Claudia Kelly, Karla Lane, Vanessa Blake and a few others as guides to different help reach goals I wanted. I am blessed to say I have learned more then I ever thought  from just watching them, then I became friends with them. I am still In shock to this day that the day of day dreaming and planning goals is now my reality. These ladies helped make it happen without ever knowing it or even trying to help me. It’s just by who they are.  That’s why it’s important to remain TRUE to ones self no matter what stage in life you are in. 

What is a typical day like in the life of Mazzaratie Monica?

Wake up around noon, sometimes later. I’m working on earlier times but I just keep odd hours). Get on social media while I’m still in bed most of the time. I try to get a good laugh in most mornings as a good way to wake up. :) Then it’s take the dog on a walk and get some outdoor and blood flowing. Then it’s Brunch time. After Brunch I am either about to go run errands or I am going to start the process of getting ready to shoot. When I get ready for a shoot, make up can take me anywhere from and hour to 4 hours to do. Yes, 4 long hours of makeup. It's a full time job just to get ready for a shoot. Then hair and outfit I can knock out in 20 mins or less. 

I normally have the"set" in place before I get ready. And I try and do a quickpick up around the set area. I hate when I see an outfit laying in the background or a shoe can bee seen. I shoot/work from home.  My place is under 1,000 square feet, so if you set anything down it's like the whole place just went thru a tornado. 

Then shooting can take anywhere from 45 mins  to 5+ hours depending on what and how many scenes are being shot. 

Then its clean up and take down time. Dinner and back on social media or reading messages. 

I'll then have down time. This is the odd hours part! Normally its about 11 p.m. During my down time I love to create all kinds of art work. From painting, sketches, clothing, jewelry and home decors. Even refurbishing furniture!  I also take that time to create outfits for shoots or events. This could also be the time I am staging the background for a scene or photo-set. Bed time is about 6 or 8 a.m.

Do you feel it is important to have diversity represented in all types of media.

Diversity is extremely important  to reach the masses and to have an effect of changing the world for the best. How can someone create something of just that single type? Diversity can show the world the beauty and commonality we all have even when "different" from another. 

What does empowerment mean to you?:

Empowerment to me is when you remain true to yourself. You're adapting to and growing and becoming wiser. Even in dark times. You dont lose sight of your goals. Even when you think it’s no where in sight, you still reach and work toward it by setting smaller goals. Not giving up, remaining true to yourself, being kind and understanding toward others. That’s empowerment that will set you apart from the rest. 

What is your legacy.

I want the world to learn how to love themselves. It does not matter what someone looks like, how their weight is, height or mental, physical or chronic difficulties. We all have great, amazing qualities and beauty - and that is what makes us different, not what makes us the same. I want the world to know that in its soul. 

Anything Else you would like to express!

I just want everyone to understand that adult entertainment is a powerful industry and it’s about more than just the physical aspect of sex. It can be a voice to many in all forms of media. 

Where can we follow your journey!


Events: Weekly shows on site.

Thank you so much for your voice and taking the time to become EXPOSED with me!

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