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The Ultimate Empowering Collaboration!

I am excited to announce that GREY JOHNSON Photography has teamed up with the LUX Intimate Apparel, Kink x Lux Lingerie lines, Bluebella, and Obsessive Lingerie lines as well! As a team we are offering Empowering Lingerie along with one of a kind Boudoir, and Fine Art Nude photography packages in the United States! Currently photography packages are serving the Washington DC, New York City, and Atlanta, GA markets! These packages are ideal If you have considered a boudoir shoot but are, 1) not sure where to obtain your wears, and 2) where to turn for this amazing experience, then we got you covered! Packages include your choice of lingerie sets from the LUX and Kink & Link lines, as well as exclusive session time with GREY JOHNSON Photography for a truly wonderful empowering experience!

LUX Intimate Apparel Story

Bianca Trainer is the owner of LUX and is based in Australia. LUX began while Trainer was modeling in the Fashion Industry for a number of years. During this time she was able to make connections with manufacturers  which led to the birth of her Lingerie concept! Trainer's and the LUX philosophy is based on empowering women and prides itself on being judgement free, celebrating diversity, and sexuality! Trainer states that she, “wanted to curate a range of intimates that do not place women in categories for who or what they should be at a certain age, but rather a collection that would empower the sexual Goddess in every woman!”

The Kink and Link Story

Per Interview with Autumn Owner and CEO of Kink and Link

The idea of Kink & Link came from several ideas merging together and blossoming. Kink, empowerment and body-positive. We knew we wanted to create a community for kink while incorporating body & sex positivity. From there we’ve into apparel, a newsletter, and our own podcast and now a lingerie collection with LUX, a woman-ran company based in Australia.


Kink and Link The App:

The idea for The Kink & Link App came from simply

seeing a lack of resources for connected to kink and us wanting to fill that gap. Our mobile app uses features from existing social media such as community timeline/feed, messages, IM, personalized profiles and caters it specifically to kink needs. For example,

you can personalize your preferences when creating your account with likes/dislikes and your “kink type” (Dominant, Submissive, Switch, Fantasy, etc.) and helps match you with other kinksters near you that pair well with your preferences.


True Empowerment/Freedom Campaign:

One of the movements we’ve created while developing Kink & Link is the “FREEDOM / True Empowerment” Campaign.

This has been a way for us to connect even more with our brand ambassador team and supporters by encouraging people to dig deeper and understand what “True Empowerment” and “Freedom” mean to them then share it with us. After initial success and the support we received from this movement, we created several exclusive apparel items, allowing people to feel empowered everywhere. A crucial component to the Kink & Link mission is creating a space for those to feel truly empowered and free to express themselves, this

movement only promotes our message further.



Collab with LUX? Any future plans?

We’ve recently partnered with LUX to create both a kinky and luxurious collection of lingerie. This collection features 12 beautiful pieces ranging from sizes 0-24 - a size for every body. This partnership’s potential is endless as many of our company’s core values

align in regards to empowerment and body-positivity. While creating this collaborative collection we’ve discovered several other ways we can expand and empower others such as a cross-over between our Kink & Link Brand Ambassadors and the LUX Babes. Stay tuned

for all that we have in store together!

We are so proud to bring you a Collection of empowering and size inclusive Lingerie with SO MUCH more to come when our new season products drop this March


Book Your LUXuriously Kinky Package Today!

Available to travel!

LUX-LUV Package

Your choice of any piece from our collection (including bodysuits, 2 piece, and 3 piece) delivered anywhere in the US.

ADD YOUR SELECTION OF Choker or Collar from our LUX GODDESS COLLECTION. (Yes, it's included as our gift to you, handmade with LOVE in Australia)

Lifelong discount of 20% thereafter.

2 hour shoot with GREYJOHNSON Photographer (subject to prearranged availability), including up to 1 costume change or nude.

A minimum of 20 edited photos.

Promotion of your page by Kink & Link, Lux and GREYJOHNSON Photography. 


                             (Payment Plans are Available)




DE-LUX Package

Your choice of any piece of our collection delivered anywhere in the US.

Lifelong discount of 20% thereafter.

2 hour shoot with GREYJOHNSON Photographer (subject to prearranged availability), including up to 2 costume changes, or 1 costume change and nude.

A minimum of 20 edited photos.

Promotion of your page by Kink & Link, Lux and GREYJOHNSON Photography. 


                              (Payment Plans are Available)


TRAVEL - LUX Package

If you can’t Make it to DC then GREY will travel to you!

Your choice of any piece of the LUX Originals, Kink x LUX, Bluebella, or Obsessive lingerie brands, plus a pair of hosiery, delivered anywhere in the US. A 33% discount off any one order prior to your shoot. A Lifelong discount of 20% thereafter. Entry into the LUX Ambassador program, which includes, amongst other things, your own discount code entitling those who use it to 20% off on any purchase, and earning you rewards points for free lingerie.  A four hour shoot with GREYJOHNSON Photography (subject to prearranged availability), including up to 4 costume changes, or 3 costume changes and nude. A minimum of 40 edited photos. Finally promotion of your page by Lux, Bianca Trainer, and GREYJOHNSON Photography. 


                              (Payment Plans are Available)

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