This is the flagship of my work! It is a way to acknowledge and celebrate the simplicity, beauty and diversity of the human form.


Women are the focus of the Project and aside from their natural beauty (that has often been replicated in architecture, art, fashion, and even automobile design) as subjects they convey a wide variety of contrast, and can range from soft and submissive, to supportive and confident, or aggressive and demanding.


The Project is meant to deliberately show "perceived societal flaws" such as belly rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, blemishes, and wrinkles. The intent is to show the viewer there is a tangible human being in front of them, and that the have literally chosen to bare their unashamed, unbroken, and vulnerable spirit to the world with the confidence and intensity of Lion. It is a way to reconnect and refocus what makes something beautiful and find beauty in that truth. 


"A special thanks and appreciation goes out to all of the wonderful participants, and future participants of this Project! I can not put into words how wonderful it has been creating this experience with you! I have been introduced to so many strong, talented, and wonderful individuals. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing what it is to be human. This Project has far exceeded my expectations!"


Healthy Growth Requires Stress, Support, and Space to Grow!






"More New York than LA, more New Orleans than Charleston, and just a touch of Asheville!"

The Photographer

Always the gracious Gentleman. I am a Fine Art Portrait Photographer based in Washington, DC. My journey into photography like much of  life was not a direct line. It was layered with many twist, turns, and potential opportunities. Years ago I started my artistic journey wanting nothing to do with the camera. At the time, I painted, I drew, and then eventually found my way behind the lens years later.

My introduction into the arts began at an early age when I used to draw dinosaurs in pre-school. I then made sculptures of them in elementary. In Middle School I attended "Honors Art", and would eventually audition for "The Governors School for the Arts in South Carolina". As I matured things took a bit of a hiatus (high school sports, college, grad-school, full-time career) until 2013 where I rediscovered my passion after several significant life changing events involving my health. Refocused I began studying figurative art at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). I eventually took up photography after being inspired by the diverse range of models seen in my classes at MCAD! The models were beautiful, and as diverse as life itself! All sizes, colors, and ages were represented and appreciated! I soon realized that this was the art I wanted to create! It was even more meaningful because diversity is rarely seen in the world of Fine Art Nude Photography.

Why the nude figure

The work is not so much about me leading the subject around to create the shot. Instead it is about capturing the essence of that subject in that particular point in time. For me capturing the nude centers around documenting the human spirit. The beauty of that spirit is housed in the body. Being nude keeps that spirit present and in the moment. When nude (I've posed before), there is no where to hide. As a creator you have the ability to capture that unfiltered moment of humanity and that is what leads to each photo's signature.

I also use my work to challenge the view of how men view women in such work. I want people to know that the female nude can be seen as a work of art and more importantly as a beautiful authentic person.

Allows an opportunity to be seen if you have been marginalized, or just want to feel great and challenge yourself.

Philosophy on life, and Art

At heart I am a minimalist. I believe you only need a few key elements to create a beautiful and meaningful image! As humans, I believe it is essential for us to accept and embrace the truth about ourselves, celebrate our imperfections, and enjoy the moments of serendipity in our daily lives!

I leave my work intentionally “unfinished” leaving in commonly perceived “flaws” such as round bellies, stretch marks, and cellulite. Instead I focus on capturing the unique beauty of each individual's personality. This gives the image its signature, helping to deliver an authentic representation of each subject. I do not focus on fantasies about how subject is expected to be viewed by arbitrary parties. This is not, and will never be the intent of my work. Removing unrealistic exceptions puts the subject at ease, and allows me to capture their true wonderful selves! In short my art is meant to be an authentic representation of that individual in that particular moment in time. I want the viewer of my work to consider who that person is, what their thoughts are, and what lead them to that moment. If the viewer can walk away with all or any of those considerations then I have accomplished my creative intent!

A Word about Empowerment for Me:

I do not seek the acceptance, approval, or permission from external parties for my existence. My driving force has always been internal. I am constantly striving to create the best version of GREY JOHNSON that there has been!

We are in a wonderful, and supportive time, that has fostered a counter-narrative about what it means to find happiness and self fulfillment. I am grateful to be along for the ride, and contribute in anyway I can!

My Mission

The mission of my work, and this platform is to create a safe, empowering, and positive environment that allows subjects to become their authentic selves, with no elements of shame, guilt, or repercussion. 

In addition the intent of this platform is to document the diversity and beauty of the female form. Establish an environment where this style of photography can be viewed and digested free from judgment, shame, and distortion. It is a place to evoke thought regarding a positive body image, self empowerment and develop a sense of community and out reach!


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