"My soul as a mixture of New York, and Asheville, along with a healthy dash of New Orleans!"


Greetings, I am GREY JOHNSON. Fine Art Nude Portrait Photographer based in Washington, DC. My journey into photography like much of  life was not a direct line. Starting out I wanted nothing to do with the camera but eventually found my way behind the lens. I took inspiration from the "Body Positive Movement", figure models I had captured in my fine art classes, and from the lack of diversity present in the environment of fine art nude photography. 

My work is about capturing raw human emotion at that particular moment in time.

I leave my work intentionally “unfinished” leaving in commonly perceived “flaws” such as round bellies, stretch marks, and cellulite. Instead I focus on capturing the unique beauty of each individual's personality. This gives the image its signature, helping to deliver an authentic representation of each subject. I want the viewer of my work to consider who that person is, what their thoughts are, and what lead them to that moment. If the viewer can walk away with all or any of those considerations then I have accomplished my creative intent!