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" A mixture of New York, Asheville, and a healthy dash of New Orleans!"


Greetings, and I hope all is well with you and yours! My name is Grey Johnson and I am an unapologetic fine art nude photographer based in Baltimore MD. My work focuses on feminine empowerment, capturing the emotion of the moment, sensuality and liberation from body shame! I have always been captivated by work that involves the female nude as a subject, and in turn have attempted to create my art in a classical style, natural setting, or an avant garde nature by use of light, shadow, color and presenting the figure in relatable surroundings.

I am a minimalist and work with only a single light and natural lighting. I don’t focus on equipment, heavy editing, alterations, or fantasy. I am far more interested in capturing the subject and life as it presents itself in front of me at that particular moment in time. My philosophy on life and in the studio is, “Come as you are, and be accepted for who you are.” This approach gives each photograph a unique signature.


Above all I want my work to be a source of inspiration for those who view it, just as I have been inspired by others before me!


If I'm not in the studio or out on location shooting, you will find me hiking, camping, touring a museum, book store, or in the kitchen cooking a wonderful meal!


All the best, and hope to see you soon!



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