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EXPOSED with International Model PALMIRA! Her thoughts on modeling, Empowerment & THE NAKED PROJECT!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Who are you, & where you from:

My name is Palmira, I am from the Canary Islands and I am a waitress / cook.

How old are you:

29 years old.

Tell us what is your background:

I have studied social work, cooking, and pathology.

My specialty is cooking!

How did you begin modeling:

I've never taken classes, I started taking pictures to overcome complexes.

What motivates you to create:

My photos are to show that all women are beautiful, sexy, regardless of our size or weight, whether or not we wear tattoos and piercings.

What is your goal or legacy do you want to leave:

I want to show that we can be free, men or women, break stereotypes and be happy as I want to be myself!

What drew you to THE NAKED PROJECT:

I was attracted to the naturalness of the photos, which show women without retouching, natural and beautiful.

Would you consider joining the Project:

Yes, I love the project!

Do you find the Project empowering and if so why?

I consider the project to be very motivating. Many people who feel bad about their body can be helped with it. We can show the world that we are all beautiful, strong and free

that we love each other as we are, without entering beauty canons.

Would you recommend THE NAKED PROJECT to a friend, and if so why?

I would recommend it 100%, because it is a change in the mentality about the body-positive and loving oneself, that the imperfections of our skin do not matter.

Where can we follow your journey:

you can follow my profile, here I post my photo sessions, my personal photos and my day to day!

IG: @palmira.rg

Any other last words or inspirational expressions: 

You are perfect like that, don't let anyone sink you, who belittles you ... he really doesn't love himself.

Special thanks to PALMIRA for getting EXPOSED with me!

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Palmira la chica más hermosa que e visto durante el resto de mi vida

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