EXPOSED: So I know you are an actor and have appeared in several different series (Get Smart, Nip/ Tuck, and CSI: NY just to name a few), do you have any other Projects that you are working on?

LINDSAY: Yes, I started writing my own films and tv pilots over ten years ago and I have a teen horror film called "Fat Camp Massacre" that I'm currently raising money for. It explores bullying and body positivity. I feel this is a perfect time for the film with the bopo movement.

EXPOSED: Where are you from (originally)?

LINDSAY: A small city outside of Columbus, Ohio.

EXPOSED: How old are you?

LINDSAY: 42 say waaa! Age is a weird thing in Los Angeles since we have no seasons we don't feel time progress therefore it doesn't feel like you're actually aging. It's weird.

EXPOSED: How did you get into acting?

LINDSAY: I think I always had the bug, but it wasn't until my sophmore year of HS when I first took drama and in class I was picked to read a role in the fall play we were doing and I knew that part was mine. I auditioned, got the role, and found myself crawling around in a Neil Simon play in front of all the kids who had made fun of me since elementary. But now they were laughing because I was making them laugh. It was a huge turning point in my life.

EXPOSED: What motivates you in your career!

LINDSAY: I truly love acting and performing for others. I love film as a medium because it's so intimate. I feel as a character actress, the best years of my career are yet to come!

EXPOSED: It seems that you and a group of other actors have formed a sense of community in Hollywood in support of each other! What lead to this?

LINDSAY: Really only other actors know what it's like to be an actor. And for plus size actresses, we always see each other at the same auditions. We know how few roles there are for women of size, so even if we don't get a role we end up being happy that one of us do get it.

EXPOSED: Okay so serious question. Star Trek, Star Wars, or neither?

LINDSAY: Neither (sorry!)

EXPOSED: OUCH, that one is gonna leave a mark! lol (post script)

EXPOSED: What is your goal or legacy do you want to leave?

LINDSAY: I really was one of the only girls of my size working in my 20's and I do feel like I helped pave the way in a sense. A lot of credit is given to Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson, which I get, but I'm proud of how many roles I played at almost 400 pounds. Now I want to create strong, hilarious roles for women of all sizes and have that be my legacy. Opening doors.

EXPOSED: What if anything drew you to THE NAKED PROJECT?

LINDSAY: Unapologetic women of all shapes and sizes.

EXPOSED: Would you consider joining the Project? I think you gave me the answer already, lol.

LINDSAY: I did? Did you ask? What did you ask?

EXPOSED: Why would you consider joining the Project?

LINDSAY: I'm all about being a part of projects that are unique and make waves and have the potential to help change lives.

EXPOSED: Do you find the Project empowering and if so why?

LINDSAY: Every single day women are asked to apologize for the space they take up in our society. We need to stop apologizing. We deserve to be here like anyone else.

EXPOSED: Would you recommend THE NAKED PROJECT to a friend, and if so why?

LINDSAY: I will support the project (and get to know it better).

EXPOSED: Any other last words or inspirational expressions?

LINDSAY: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

EXPOSED: Where can we follow your journey?

LINDSAY: IG @lindsayhollister, Twitter: @lindshollister


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The purpose for this platform:

- To celebrate the diversity in the human spirit!

- Create an environment where this diversity can come together to share experiences, create new meaningful experiences, and grow!

- Develop a platform promoting self expression, self acceptance, and creative fulfillment!


I started as a figurative artist and studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in 2013. I began my journey as a photographer in February 2016 and mentored under “Risen Phoenix” a prominent Minneapolis area Fine Art Photographer. I then completed my first solo shoot in December of that same year after moving to Washington, DC and the rest is history! Since then I have had the opportunity to meet and work with several wonderful models, photographers, performers and all types of artist along the way!

My Philosophy:

My philosophy as an artist; I am a minimalist at heart and believe that you only need a few key elements (the subject, light/ shadow, and composition) to create a meaningful and impactful image! My work focuses on the authenticity, emotion, and rawness of the subject in that particular moment in time. Women are the preferred subjects of my work in that they convey the widest range of depth and emotion. I intentionally leave in perceived societal flaws such as cellulite, belly rolls, and stretch marks. The intent is to show that there is a tangible human being in front of you with enough courage to bare the beauty of their soul without fear, shame, or repercussion! I work with subjects of all body types, ages, and abilities showing the diversity of beauty seen in the real world!

My personal philosophy; Be respectful of others but do not actively seek anyone’s approval, acceptance or permission. Doing so can bind you, and hold you back from progressing and meeting your own defined goals. I believe that in a room full of influencers it is fine to acknowledge everyone for who they are, and what they have the ability to bring to the table, as long as you acknowledge your own expertise and what you bring to the table as well! Know the guidelines and allow your heart to take you the rest of the way. If you can not understand how to fulfill your own desire’s you can not expect others to know how to do it for you.

Why do you create:

Over the years I had been influenced by several different artists some classical and some contemporary. However, it has been the figure models that I drew, sketched and sculpted in my classes at MCAD that inspired me the most! The models in those classes came in different body types, ages and ethnicities. While drawing them I appreciated their boldness to pose, their perceived vulnerability in that moment, and of course the beauty of their form. Eventually I realized that outside of that environment I rarely saw that diverse representation reflected in other forms of media including contemporary nude art. This lack of representation prompted me to create and add an additional chapter to this overarching body of work!

Some of my main influences have been classical Greco-Roman Sculpture, French Impressionist Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, or sculptor Auguste Rodin. More modern influences include Leroy Neiman’s Femlin (Playboy), Photographers Helmut Newton, Peter Lindbergh, and Ruth Bernhard. I am also influenced by and strive to contribute to today’s body positive, and sex positive movements!

Why you feel it is important to have diversity represented in all types of media:

It is important to have diverse, accurate and positive representation in all media forms because it allows one to see themselves in a relatable fashion. Having the ability to see yourself portrayed accurately is liberating, comforting, and fosters empowerment!

What is your legacy:

I believe the world already has enough assholes, so ultimately I want my legacy to be that of being a wonderful human with the ability to be considerate, love, and express myself freely! As an artist I want my body of work to help shape and change the perspective of what it means to find beauty, happiness, and self love!

Where can we follow your journey:

Website: greyjohnson.com

IG: greyjohnson_photography

Print Media: THE NAKED ARCHIVE (Coming Soon!)

Events: TBA

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